Dee’s passion for working with dogs was ignited at a young age. His uncle introduced him to the dog world where everyone starts, at the bottom doing the yard cleaning. After a few years of becoming familiar with how to safely operate around working-style dogs, he graduated to whelping puppies in his uncle’s breeding clinic. There he learned the hard work and intense attention to detail required to properly care for the pups. From there he continued to work on and off with his uncle and other close friends and relatives helping them train and welp until he struck off to create his own program. He spent 2 years in Virginia studying under a retired k9 officer and master dog handler/trainer learning the ins and outs of the trade. The lessons included being a kennel manager, handling and training detection and patrol k9s, and getting hands-on experience training difficult cases of reactive pets. He also gained experience leading group obedience classes with anywhere from 2-15 dogs and their handlers. With over 20 years of learning experience (10 of those years working) with a variety of ages, breeds, and intent for training Dee’s capabilities range from puppy selection, basic obedience, behavior modification, to training dogs for working purposes. Every dog brings a new and exciting set of challenges, and he is always learning from each experience.


Owner and CEO Of Landshark K9

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