Multiple Levels of Protection Training

We believe that there is much more to training a protection dog than just biting an obvious assailant. While training a dog in a controlled environment is a great place to start, it, unfortunately, does not reflect the world that we live in. This is why we train our dogs to do more than just protect. Our Multiple Levels of Protection Training is geared toward “street survival”. In the real world, it is rare that threats present themselves clearly and in open areas. We put our protection dogs through a wide variety of situations and problems for them to solve, tailoring each training to the kinds of situations that the owner may encounter. This gives the dog the opportunity to learn how to be independent and how to think for themselves in situations. A smart, independent, well-rounded dog is a dog that will help you survive in the streets. 

If you are interested in other training services for your dog(s), take a look at our other services. Other services and training include, but are not limited to:

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