How Important Is Obedience Training?

January 10th, 2021

By admin


As responsible pet or working dog owners, obedience is a key component of that. All of the dogs that we train have a high standard of obedience, and for good reason. For the safety of the dog and those around it, a properly trained dog is essential. Because of this, obedience training is crucial for the dog as well as for the owner.

Untrained dogs are more likely to react negatively in new situations, and when they do react they either bolt out of fear or react aggressively. It can be difficult to take the dog to the veterinarian, to be boarded, or even on walks in the neighborhood. Regardless of the environment and situation, we build trust between dogs and their owners through obedience training. Our obedience training programs prepare owners to move through the world knowing their dog will remain by their side, and in situations where the dog is not on a leash, the dog will return when called.  

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